About the Author

Lisa Reiss has worked in the pro-information and informed consent vaccine movement for over nine years.  Lisa’s expertise is in explaining complex vaccine-related political and safety issues in a manner that medical consumers can easily understand. 

As a pro-information and informed consent advocate, she founded the Connecticut Vaccine Information Alliance and worked both nationally and at the state level to inform parents, educators, state legislators, congresspeople and others about their legal rights, vaccines, the vaccine compensation program and informed consent.  Lisa has spoken to numerous state legislators and congresspeople in an effort to amend current vaccine laws to permit true informed consent.  She has attended many congressional hearings and has written numerous vaccine articles.

Lisa Reiss founded Lisa Publishing, LLC which specializes in  “Helping Consumers Make Educated Decisions.”  In her first book 20 Reasons Why I Should Research Vaccines, the first in the "Be Informed About Vaccines" series, Lisa continues to be instrumental in educating individuals.

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