Be Informed About Vaccines Series

In an effort to reach more people nationally, Lisa set out to write a book about all aspects of vaccines, particularly the political aspects of this medical procedure,  so that individuals and parents could be better consumers.  As that book grew to over 300 pages, several things became apparent to Lisa.

-Most people have limited time to read, let alone read a 300-page vaccine book. 

-Most people become very overwhelmed at the idea of reading and digesting that much information especially on such an important topic as vaccines.

-People often feel that vaccines are an all or nothing proposition, meaning you either get all the vaccines or you donít.  As a result, if they get one vaccine they choose not to question the others and thus just get the vaccines even though many options exist, from the types of vaccines to times they are administered, and so on. 

-Most people blindly trust their doctor and do not feel the need to ask questions.

As a result, the once 300-page book is being divided into multiple books as part of the "Be Informed About Vaccines" series.  The first book in this series is entitled, 20 Reasons Why I Should Research Vaccines

Lisaís goal is to make vaccines easily digestible and understandable for consumers with limited time.  She believes that as a result, consumers will be better educated and will thus be able to make better medical decisions for themselves and their families.


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